Vision & Values

Core Values

We seek to be an integral part of the community of Longmont, Colorado and the surrounding area through worship, the Word of God, and reaching out to a broken world. Come join the White Fields community as we share in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We Seek to Be:

Receptive to God's Word

We want to be ready and eager to receive the whole counsel of God as found in the Bible. The scriptures reveal God's true nature, inspire worship, and equip us for ministry. We believe that the Bible is relevant for today and is the final authority for our lives. We want much more than just the knowledge of the Word but life in the Word that comes when we receive it into our hearts. We value the study, meditation, and personal application of God's Word.

Responsive in Worship

Worship is the only right response to who God is, and all God has done. The very purpose of our existence is to worship God. We believe a life that is receiving and walking in the truth and filled with the Spirit equates a life of worship. We value times of corporate worship and the cultivating of a lifestyle of worship in our daily lives.

Redemptive in the World

Redemption is the very nature of God in all things. As the church, we are called to promote and emphasize the redemptive work of the Spirit in every situation, person and place. We want to see the world as an exciting prospect for redemption. We value the power of Jesus' love and grace, manifest in His church, as the evidence of our faith. His love experienced sends us out to a hurting, lost world and compels us to serve one another.