School of Ministry & Discipleship

The School of Ministry and Discipleship is Christian education in a classroom setting for people who are interested in learning and going deeper in their faith in addition to our Bible studies on Sunday mornings.

Classes we are offering this semester:

Christianity 101: Would you like to get grounded and make sure you know the basics of the fundamentals of Christian faith and doctrine? Join us for this 5 week course. A great place to get started.

Church History: Part 1 – From Jesus to the Middle Ages. How did Christianity develop after the Book of Acts? What about all the traditions and different denominations? How did we get the Bible. and what were those church councils all about? These questions and many more will be answered in this 5 week course, the first of 2 parts.

The Bible: Read, Study, Believe: This seminar is a spin on the traditional "how to study your Bible" class with a focus on believing in Christ through reading and study.


Write to  If you are interested in joining a class.