White Fields Blog

Mission Trip to Hungary

For the third consecutive summer we will be sending a mission team to Eger, Hungary to do evangelism in partnership with Golgota Eger. The dates for the trip are July 12-22. We will be working alongside Golgota at their annual English Camp outreach, in which we will have the opportunity to spend a week with over 100 Hungarian youth, teaching them English and sharing with them the good news of new life in Jesus.  

Over the 8 years this camp has been running it has been incredibly fruitful and many young people have come to know the Lord through it. Please pray about joining this mission either as a goer or a sender.

Promotion Sunday and New Middle School Class on June 2nd

June 2 is Promotion Sunday Students entering grades K, 3, and 6 this coming fall (2013-14) will be “promoted” to the next class on Sunday, June 2nd. We will talk about this in their classes this Sunday so that they understand that they’ll be in a new class in June. You can help us make a smooth transition by talking positively about this change with your child. Questions? Contact Sylvia Robinson via email .


New Middle School Class Starting: For students entering 6th-8th grades this fall, we have some special news! We will be starting a new Middle School class that meets on Sunday mornings beginning June 2nd. This class will have a group of teachers who will mentor the students both in class as well as plan some “outside of church” activities. Questions? Contact Isaac Nelson via email