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Sermon Follow-up: 7/29/12

Hello White Fields!

Yesterday’s sermon was from Genesis 12:4-13:4 and the title was “A Tent and an Altar”.  It can be found online, along with all our other sermons in the Media section of our website.

After the sermon yesterday I was talking with someone and they asked me: “Do you think Abram actually lied, when he said that Sarai was his sister and didn’t mention that she was also his wife? Because, technically, what he said was true.”

This was actually something that I had intended to address in the teaching yesterday. The answer is this: what Abram did is a perfect example of what it means to “bear false witness”. Bearing false witness can be outright lying, or it can be when you do what Abram did, when you give the right information with the wrong implication.

It is always a blessing to worship fellowship with all of you! See you again this coming Sunday as we continue our study through Genesis.

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