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Transition to Realm Connect

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We are transitioning our online community from "The City" to "Realm Connect" and want to provide this preview of what to expect from this new application. It is much like our current community, but better. Below is a 2-minute video showing what this new application is all about:

General Overview of Realm Connect


Week of April 16: Group Leaders invited to join

Week of April 23: All White Fields current members of "The City" will receive an invitation to join "Realm Connect"

Week of April 30: New activities, events, and other posts will be found in Realm Connect

Week of May 14: Access to "The City" will be restricted


This transition is intended to be as seamless as possible. However, there is one step required of each of our current community members; you must log into the new system and set a password. It may be the same password as before, but the WFCC staff and creators of Realm Connect are unable to "see" your password. 

Then, the process of creating events, topics, and other posts are quite similar. And, there are videos to show you how to work with each of the features.

The videos are available here.


10th Anniversary Celebration

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We are extremely happy to announce the 10th anniversary of White Fields Community Church.

To celebrate this occasion we are having a cookout on Saturday, June 18 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

There will be music, food and activities.

Pete Nelson, founding pastor of WFCC, will be there too.

We are providing drinks, pulled pork and chicken sandwiches.

You provide:

If you family names begins with:

A-Q Bring a Side Dish

R-Z Bring a Dessert

Lawn chair

Warning: Parents, there are mosquitoes this time of the year, so apply insect repellant on your children.

Updates and more information provided on The City.

We hope to see you at this great celebration and every Sunday at 10 am in the St. Vrain Memorial Building.