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New Series: I Could Never Believe in a God Who...

New Series: I Could Never Believe in a God Who...

by Pastor Nick Cady on May 09, 2019

Our next teaching series at White Fields will begin on May 12, and will address head-on some of the biggest hurdles that people have when it comes to believing in God and accepting Christianity. This is a great opportunity to invite friends and family memberswho struggle with understanding some of these things related to God, the Bible, and Christianity - and hopefully we can help them find some answers, and remove any hindrances which have been keeping them from whole-heartedly embracing the gospel and following Jesus.

I posted a poll a while back to gather information about what the biggest challenges and questions are that people struggle with when it comes to the Bible and Christianity. If you haven't taken that poll yet and would like to, you can still access it here: https://forms.gle/dBhrVqgRf3vs...

Here are the dates and the topics we will cover in this series:

  • May 12: …Encourages the suppression of women and minorities
  • May 19: …Condoned genocide in the Old Testament
  • May 26: …Gave us a faulty Bible
  • June 2: …Creates hateful and hypocritical followers
  • June 9: …Sends people to Hell
  • June 16: …Allows bad things to happen to good people
  • June 23: …Has not proven his existence

Save these dates, and invite someone to join you – especially those who have big questions about these or any other topics!

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