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Women's Fellowship Walk

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Ladies! We are meeting up for coffee and a morning walk around the lake!

Join us at the north shore playground and be ready to walk the 3.5 miles around the lake with other ladies from White Fields. All ladies are welcome to join.

Enjoy fellowship, exercise, and beautiful views with us.

Please plan to stay a while to enjoy coffee and some snacks after our walk.

Date: Saturday, August 4 at 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM
2207 North Shore Drive
Longmont CO 80503

RSVP at so that we can buy enough snacks and look for you.

New Sermon Series: The Trouble Is...

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The Trouble Is...
We have started a new series this past Sunday called "The Trouble Is..." in which we are addressing some of the big topics that people say are hurdles for them in believing or embracing Christianity.

The first topic is the Bible. Has it been changed? Isn't it full of contradictions? It might be a good story, but is it actual history? And why should you base your life on an ancient book anyway?

Maybe you or others you know struggle with these kinds of questions. Come and consider with us and feel free to invite your neighbours, friends and relatives.

The schedule for the series will be:
April 15: The Trouble Is... Christians are hypocrites
April 22: The Trouble Is... the "Christ Myth"
April 29: The Trouble Is... science disproves God and the Bible
May 6: The Trouble Is... suffering and evil
May 13: The Trouble Is... exclusivity and hell