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School of Ministry Autumn Classes


The School of Ministry is Christian education in a classroom setting for people who are interested in learning and going deeper in their faith in addition to our Bible studies on Sunday mornings.

School of Ministry Autumn semester runs October 16 to November 14 on Monday and Tuesday at 7:00pm.

Classes we are offering this semester:

Christianity 101: Would you like to get grounded and make sure you know the basics of the fundamentals of Christian faith and doctrine? Join us for this 5 week course. A great place to get started.

Minor Prophets: The final twelve books of the Old Testament are some of the most overlooked books of the Bible and many Christians are unfamiliar with their context and messages. Join us for this 5-week course on understanding who these prophets were and why their messages are so important.

Biblical Interpretation: Whether you realize it or not, all of us engage in biblical interpretation whenever we read the Bible and consider how it applies to our lives. Join us for this 5-week course in which you will be equipped with the tools to study the Bible and ensure you are interpreting it well. 

The classes will be held at the church’s offices.

Join us for an exciting time of growing in the word of God.

Sign up here: The City

Super Sunday and Beyond

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Okay, every Sunday we gather together is Super Sunday, but this Sunday I have dubbed Supper Sunday because we have got two things beginning and one event we try to do as often as possible.

Firstly, we have a new series, Parables of Jesus, which are stories Jesus used to teach a spiritual principle to the listener. Pastor Nick's latest series, as with all of his series, looks to be amazing.


Up next is the return of School of Ministry and Discipleship course Christianity 101. This is a favorite class at WFCC because it teaches the core doctrines of Christianity. It is a great class if you are new to Christianity, have questions about what Christians believe or preparing to be baptized. It will run for four weeks.

And finally, Meet & Greet! This is a great opportunity to meet our leaders, learn more about our ministry, or find out how you can take your next steps in our church. We will have some light refreshments and plenty of conversations after service.

All are welcome to join us!