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Transition to Realm Connect

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We are transitioning our online community from "The City" to "Realm Connect" and want to provide this preview of what to expect from this new application. It is much like our current community, but better. Below is a 2-minute video showing what this new application is all about:

General Overview of Realm Connect


Week of April 16: Group Leaders invited to join

Week of April 23: All White Fields current members of "The City" will receive an invitation to join "Realm Connect"

Week of April 30: New activities, events, and other posts will be found in Realm Connect

Week of May 14: Access to "The City" will be restricted


This transition is intended to be as seamless as possible. However, there is one step required of each of our current community members; you must log into the new system and set a password. It may be the same password as before, but the WFCC staff and creators of Realm Connect are unable to "see" your password. 

Then, the process of creating events, topics, and other posts are quite similar. And, there are videos to show you how to work with each of the features.

The videos are available here.


Join The City

We are excited to share with you a new feature on our website called "The City". It is an interactive online community for our church members to stay connected with one another as well as up to date with all our events. 
Please take a few minutes to sign up and familiarize yourself with this new online community. 
-Click on "The City" tab
-A new window will open with a sign in page. At the bottom of that page click on "need an account?".
-Fill in your name, email, and phone number and then click "invite me". (Please note that this is a secure site.)
-You will need to now check your email. You will receive an invite from "The City" and will need to click on the link inside the email to finish signing up.
-Lastly you need to create a username and password and then you are ready to start exploring The City.
We are looking forward to seeing you on The City!
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