Our Staff

Nick Cady

Lead Pastor

Office: 303 555 5151

Pastor Nick has a heart for the global mission of God through the Church. Having grown up in Denver, Nick spent 10 years as a missionary, pastor and church planter in Hungary working with Calvary Chapel prior to moving to Longmont in 2012 to be part of what God is doing at White Fields. He holds a Masters degree in Integrative Theology from London School of Theology and a Bachelor's in Theology from the University of Gloucestershire (UK). He and his wife Rosemary have 4 children.
Nick can be heard on the radio every weekday from 2:30-3:00 PM on GraceFM: 89.7 from Cheyenne to Castle Rock, and 101.7 in Colorado Springs, as well as online at gracefm.com Additionally, Nick hosts the Calvary Live call-in show on GraceFM every Friday from 4:00-5:00 PM Mountain Time. 
Nick is on the steering committee of the Expositors Collective, a growing network of pastors, leaders, and laypeople which exists to equip, encourage, and mentor the next generation of Christ-centered preachers by hosting training seminars and providing resources, including a weekly podcast.
He also serves on the Executive Team of Calvary Global Network and leads Cultivate, a program which trains and supports new church planters.

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