Bible Learning Center

Teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning. 

Proverbs 9:9

We are focused on teaching biblically based, gospel-centered adult education classes for those who want to increase their knowledge of the Bible and learn how it applies to everyday living.

We offer four tracks of education:
Beginning: For those who want to build a firm foundation for understanding of the grand narrative of the Bible. Here you will learn about the whole Bible and how it weaves the world’s most important story.
Growing: For those who are already a student of the Bible and want to slow down and dig deeper into the Scriptures or learn about diverse subjects such as church history or the effects of Christ in our culture.
Leading: For those who want to serve within the church, prepare for a life in the field locally or abroad, or to develop the art of sermon preparation and delivery.
Living: For those who want to learn how to apply biblical teachings to their everyday living experience.

Winter Session

Church History
March 22-June 14
Wednesdays, 6:30 pm

Pastor Jason Cralley

Christian church history will be taught from the time of Jesus until today. Understand how Christianity continued to spread beyond the book of Acts, through the formation of the Bible, the crusades, and the reformation. All of your questions will be answered regarding the history of the church and the leaders who were a critical part of its growth.

Worship Matters
March 25-June 16
Fridays, 6:30 pm

Pastor Michael Payne

Learn the ways in which worship through musical presentation is conducive to hearing the word of God. Learn how to develop and present a worship plan that blesses the congregation and prepares their hearts for the study of God's word.

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