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The Bible Learning Center is Christian education in a classroom setting for people who are interested in learning and going deeper in their faith or being equipped to minister to others.

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Classes for Autumn 2020

Walk Through the Bible with Pastor Nick Cady
A summary level look at the `Bible where you will learn : Why it is important to study the Bible; How to study the Bible; A brief history of the Bible; The books of the Bible; Structure and content of the Old Testament; Structure and content of the New Testament; The relationship and continuity of the Old and New Testament. This class is for new believers and those who want a better understanding of the scriptures.

Spiritual Transformation: A Study in 1 Peter

Simon Peter was asked to follow Jesus, and he did as he obeyed. He left his nets and followed the man he would come to call Messiah. In following Jesus, Simon became Peter the rock. His life was transformed. In this study, we will follow Jesus on the same pilgrimage to spiritual transformation as Peter took. We will primarily be looking at 1 Peter, but will also look at passages in Acts and the four Gospels.

Worship Guitar Workshop with Pastor Michael Payne

Come join Pastor Michael Payne and learn the songs we sing at White Fields Community Church. All ages and skill levels welcome. Please bring your own guitar.

Previously Offered

Foundations: Get grounded and established in the fundamentals of Christian faith and doctrine. Join us for this 5-week course. A great place to get started.

Christocentricity: Seeing Christ in All Scripture: Christ in all of scripture is a way of reading and teaching the Bible which we employ at White Fields, and this course is a must for those who want to dig deeper into the Word of God.

Church History 1000: From Jesus to the Middle Ages. How did Christianity develop after the Book of Acts, for the first 1,000 years? How did we get the Bible, and what were those councils all about? Why did different traditions begin? How did Christianity spread north of the Mediterranean region? These questions and many more will be answered in this 6-week course, the first of 2 parts.

Church History 2000: From the Middle Ages to the present. How did Christianity develop over the past 1000 years? What were those Crusades all about? What was the Reformation and where did all those different denominations come from? How did foreign missions begin? These questions and many more will be answered in this 6-week course, the second part of the Church History program.

Christ and Culture: The vision for the School of Ministry is to equip people to minister to others in our current setting and culture. How should we as Christians relate to culture? Historically, Christians have answered this question in various ways, but what does the Bible say about how we are to approach things such as the arts, business, politics, and entertainment? These and other questions are addressed in this 5-week course.

Minor Prophets: The final twelve books of the Old Testament are some of the most overlooked books of the Bible and many Christians are unfamiliar with their context and messages. Join us for this 5-week course on understanding who these prophets were and why their messages are so important.

Biblical Interpretation: Whether you realize it or not, all of us engage in biblical interpretation whenever we read the Bible and consider how it applies to our lives. Join us for this 5-week course in which you will be equipped with the tools to study the Bible and ensure you are interpreting it well.

Reason to Believe: Answering Difficult QuestionsIn this two-part series, we hope to bolster your faith in Christ and give you tools to engage others in meaningful conversations that point them to Jesus, the Reason to Believe.  We are on a mission to spread the Good News with joy, gentleness, and respect.  Come prepare with us! This class will be meaningful to the new and longtime Christian as well as the skeptic.  It will introduce a range of apologetic arguments and strategies to help equip the believer to be familiar with and challenge the assumptions of the many prevailing world-views influencing our communities today. 

Location: 2950 Colorful Ave. Longmont, CO 80504

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