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Community Groups Autumn 2020

Community Groups Autumn 2020

by Ocean Babin on September 01, 2020

Hello Everyone!

September is here! Autumn is just around the corner. In Colorado snow is possibly around the next corner. Many people start to stay indoors, especially with COVID19 restrictions. It is not good to isolate so we have a solution for you.


At White Fields, we believe there are two integral things everyone should do:

1. Join a Team (do volunteer work unto God and serve others)

2. Join a Group (community is vital to the Christian life).

Here are a few key points about joining a Community Group:

  • They will begin on the week of September 13.
  • Many groups will be meeting in person and some groups will be using the Zoom to meet.
  • The fall session will be meeting for the 10 weeks and will conclude on November 21.
  • Sign-ups in the Commons after each service or online.
  • Important part of connecting with other believers.
  • Sermon based studies that allow further understanding of Pastor Nick's message on Sunday mornings. 
  • Groups study together, pray together, and share time in fellowship. 

Come Grow With Us as we seek more of Jesus!

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