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Project Greatest Gift 2022

Project Greatest Gift 2022

by Christine Appel on October 22, 2022


The beautiful colors of Fall are all around us, the air is crisp and cool, the leaves are starting to sprinkle down, so it's time to start thinking about Christmas! 


Can you believe it is already time to get ready for Project Greatest Gift 2022?  Project Greatest gift is our ministry to children in kinship and foster care in Northern Colorado and their families.

Sadly, everyday in Colorado children are removed from their birth families due to abuse or neglect, parental drug use, or other dangers and are placed either with members of their extended family (kinship care)  or into foster care.  Though these children are placed in safe situations, they lose much, if not all, of what is familiar and comfortable to them in the process.  Often, there is also some financial strain for families who take in  and care for these children, especially in kinship placements where often grandparents find themselves raising their grandchildren.  

That is where Project Greatest Gift can help by allowing us to come alongside these children and families by praying for them and blessing them with needed and desired items for Christmas.  We will also have the opportunity to serve and meet some of these children and their caregivers by helping out at their Christmas party in Greeley in early December.  Starting in November, we will have 400 children available!

In order to be ready for Project Greatest Gift 2022, we need some help! Would you like to:

  • prepare gift bags and tags, 
  • volunteer to help folks sign up to participate in Project Greatest Gift, 
  • help organize gifts as they're returned to church,  
  • help deliver the gifts and those who would 
  • serve at the Christmas party in Greeley?  

Thank you, in advance, for being the hands and feet of Jesus in praying, loving and ministering  to these children and families through Project Greatest Gift!


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