Sunday Service: 10:00 am

700 Longs Peak Ave. Longmont, CO 80501

Hosea: Living Out the Gospel

Jan 13

Hosea was called by God to live out a powerful object lesson: to marry a woman who would constantly leave him and be unfaithful to him, but Hosea was called to be faithful to her and pursue her, just as God does with us. Hosea’s life reminds us...

White Fields Community Church, located in the heart of Longmont, is a non-denominational Christian church devoted to serving the needs of our community. Pastor Nick Cady teaches from the Bible Sunday mornings and can be heard on the radio weekdays at 2:30pm on 89.7 GraceFM.

Join Us

Jan 15

We have many things happening at White Fields Community Church. You will often see a post about a class or a Bible study ending with "Join Us!" It might seem clichéd, but it is not at all. We at White Fields take to heart the community...

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