Sunday Service 10:00am

700 Longs Peak Ave. Longmont, CO 80501

Hidden Treasure

Apr 23

In the parables of the hidden treasure we the two sides of the gospel: the incomparable love of God who gave up everything for us — and the unsurpassable worth of knowing Him, something which, if we could really grasp it, we would be willing to ...

White Fields Community Church, located in the heart of Longmont, is a non-denominational Christian church devoted to serving the needs of our community. Pastor Nick Cady teaches from the Bible Sunday mornings and can be heard on the radio weekdays at 2:30pm on 89.7 GraceFM.

Super Sunday and Beyond

Apr 21

Okay, every Sunday we gather together is Super Sunday, but this Sunday I have dubbed Supper Sunday because we have got two things beginning and one event we try to do as often as possible. Firstly, we have a new series, Parables of Jesus, which ...

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