Sunday Service: 10:00 am

700 Longs Peak Ave. Longmont, CO 80501

The Trouble Is… Christians Are Hypocrites

Apr 15

From the Crusades to Christian leaders who get caught doing the very things they preach against, hypocrisy is a major hurdle for some people in embracing Christianity. In the 8th chapter of the Gospel of John, we see an example of religious...

White Fields Community Church, located in the heart of Longmont, is a non-denominational Christian church devoted to serving the needs of our community. Pastor Nick Cady teaches from the Bible Sunday mornings and can be heard on the radio weekdays at 2:30pm on 89.7 GraceFM.

Transition to Realm Connect

Apr 17

We are transitioning our online community from "The City" to "Realm Connect" and want to provide this preview of what to expect from this new application. It is much like our current community, but better. Below is a 2-minute video showing what...

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