Sunday Service 10:00am

700 Longs Peak Ave. Longmont, CO 80501

Pursued By God

Aug 30

Saul of Tarsus was not a man who was looking for Jesus, but in the story of his conversion, we see that Jesus was pursuing him. In this story we get a vivid picture of a God who doesn’t only welcome those who seek him, but who actively ...

White Fields Community Church, located in the heart of Longmont, is a non-denominational Christian church devoted to serving the needs of our community. Pastor Nick Cady teaches from the Bible Sunday mornings and can be heard on the radio weekdays at 2:30pm on 89.7 GraceFM.

Special Worship and Miracles in Acts

Sep 2

This Sunday, September 6, we will have a guest worship leader, Mariah Van Tress. Mariah will share her heart for Jesus in song and worship. Join us on Sunday for great worship and the word of God, as we look at a series of four miracles ...

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