Sunday Service 10:00am

700 Longs Peak Ave. Longmont, CO 80501

Lessons from the Dirt

Jun 18

How is it that some people can hear the same exact message, and it has a completely different impact on them? How is it, that, if the gospel is such good news, not everyone embraces it? These and other questions are addressed in the Parable of the ...

White Fields Community Church, located in the heart of Longmont, is a non-denominational Christian church devoted to serving the needs of our community. Pastor Nick Cady teaches from the Bible Sunday mornings and can be heard on the radio weekdays at 2:30pm on 89.7 GraceFM.

Summer 2017 Event Calendar

Jun 9

This summer we have many exciting events planned and we’re letting you know about them early so you can make plans to join us. We encourage you to participate in these events and invite friends and family to join us! July 2: Baptism and ...

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