Sunday Worship

9:15 & 11:00am
2950 Colorful Ave. Longmont, CO 80504

"Lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest." - John 4:35


White Fields Community Church is a place where people can meet Jesus,  study the Bible, and engage in life-giving community: a place where you and your family can grow as followers of Jesus!

We look forward to seeing you on a Sunday morning!

Most Recent Sermon

Listen to our most recent or a past sermon to help you in your walk with Jesus. We teach the Bible verse-by-verse to discover the author's original intent of the passage to better apply the truths of God to our lives.

Theology for the People

Theology for the People is the Pastor Nick's blog and podcast, where he discusses theological topics in a way that is understandable and engaging in light of current events and cultural matters.

Sunday Worship Services

9:15am & 11:00am

2950 Colorful Ave. Longmont, CO 80504

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