Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Here at White Fields we seek to be involved in God's mission in the world by praying for and supporting missionaries who are carrying out the Great Commission around the world.
Please prayerfully consider how you can bless our missionaries currently out in the field by contacting them, or by financially supporting them.

Active Missionaries

Lindsey Cuen
Heves, Hungary

Lindsey attended Calvary Chapel Bible College and did her final semester in Hungary. That's when God called her to missions and gave her an unexplainable love for Hungary.

Lindsey assists in ministering to the gypsies in her area and works together with a group of local pastors and church leaders to organize outreach events in Heves.

She plans to continue to work with the local church leaders to serve her city and show the people of Hungary the love of God. 

George & Sharon Markey
(Samuel, Kiyoshi, Peter, James, Andrew, Isaac)
Kyiv, Ukraine

George's parents moved to Kyiv, Ukraine in 1992 to plant churches. Eventually George married Sharon and she joined him on the mission field.

The Markeys are actively involved in church planting. They also train others in forming disciple-making communities and church planting.

Johnathan & Stephanie Markey
Ternopil, Ukraine

Nate & Diana Medlong
(Natasha, Christina, Carina, Veronica, Edmond, Cassie)
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Johnathan's parents were missionaries and when he was 6, they moved to Kyiv, Ukraine in 1992 and planted a Calvary Chapel. With time Johnathan began to sense the same calling to be a part of planting and growing healthy, Bible-teaching churches. He met Stephanie when she was on a short-term mission trip where they connected over both having a passion for missions and soon were married.

Johnathan continues to pastor and disciple the people of Ternopil and has a music ministry called Room For More that is focused on telling the gospel story through various creative avenues.

The Markeys are working with leadership that has been established in the church to continue encouraging them to disciple others and meet the needs of people in their city. Their music is a powerful tool and they desire to use it to help people think theologically and biblically. They want to continue to produce gospel-centered, quality music and also provide a platform for other artists to get their music out and collaborate on projects. 
Nate first came to Ukraine on a mission trip with his Bible college and it was then that he sensed God was calling him to be a missionary in Ukraine. After some years of finishing Bible college, and serving missionaries as the missions coordinator at his church, He joined up with another missionary and moved to Ukraine. He originally planned to start something new in a small city, but when he arrived he was asked to take over the work at the church in Kharkiv. After almost 16 years, he is still there and is now the pastor.

Currently Nate is mentoring younger men to become pastors and organizes national conferences for Calvary Chapel Ukraine. Nate's wife Diana leads women's ministry and has recently started a small bilingual (English/Ukrainian) Christian elementary school.

Benjamin & Lena Morrison
(Abby, Isaac)
Svitlovodsk, Ukraine

Isaac Nelson
Xenia, Ohio

Benjamin took his first trip to Ukraine in 2001 with Calvary Chapel Bible College of Indianapolis. During that first summer, God called him to minister to the people of Ukraine and he moved to there in January of 2002. He married Lena in Sept. 2003. God began laying a burden on their hearts to start a  grace-teaching church. In March 2005 they moved to Svitlovodsk, Lena’s home town of 50,000. Benjamin began a Bible study in their apartment that June. Since then Jesus has been faithful to grow Calvary Chapel Svitlovodsk and to change lives by the power of His grace. The church continues to grow and reach out to the community with the Gospel today. Benjamin serves as lead pastor of Calvary Chapel Svitlovodsk and occasionally travels as a speaker around Ukraine.

Their vision is to see more and more Gospel-centered churches being planted across Ukraine and the whole world. In February 2014, Calvary Chapel Svitlovodsk sent its first missionaries out.
Growing up as a pastor's kid, Isaac was involved in the church at a young age. While he made a confession of faith and was baptized when he was 10, he did not have a personal relationship with Christ until he was older. As a teenager, he had many doubts about what he believed, but God met him in a real and personal way and he finally understood the Gospel for the first time. Understanding the Good News of the Gospel changed his life and led him into missionary work.

Isaac now serves with Athletes in Action to help equip coaches around the world to leverage their platform of sports to make disciples, partner with churches to help them use sports to minister to their community, and send soccer teams globally to assist international missions efforts.

László "Laci" & Keri Németh
(Lea, Lotti, Petra Szofia, Nimró)
Budapest, Hungary

James Payne
Final Greetings

Laci was a young assistant pastor in Szeged, Hungary when God called him first to Vukovar, Croatia and then to Budapest, Hungary.

He is a member of the leadership of Calvary Chapel Hungary and is the pastor of Calvary Chapel South Budapest. He mentors recovering women at Anonymous Ways Foundation and was asked to become a founding member of City to City Hub Budapest to support church plants in the Budapest area in the next decades.

Currently, he is focusing on discipleship and mentoring men to prepare them to plant missional minded churches throughout Hungary.
James felt the calling to the music ministry from an early age and started leading worship at around age 15 but he felt a call to lead worship outside the church to find the lost. James met Sam Carson in Hungary in 2016 and eventually joined his band Final Greetings in 2018.

Final Greetings plays worship at youth camps and churches and also outreach shows where they share the gospel. Their hopes are to continue outreach overseas to share the gospel throughout Europe.

Dan & Andrea Ryder
(David, Nicole, Cami)

Dan and Andrea labor for the Lord in Argentina where they minister to and provide support for other missionaries in the country. At times they provide family and child raising care, and at other times pastoral care. They work closely with gospel workers to create new strategies to reach the people for Jesus.

The Ryders also raising up leaders in Argentina as they provide Biblical, ministerial, and professional development for those who are on the mission field to sharpen their skills and help them rise to the position God has them for.

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